Method Core Team

The Method Core Team is a way for fans and community members to directly support Method and our Road to World First Project by subscribing for $3.99/month.

Become a member today by joining our Discord and subscribing to gain access to the exclusive perks listed below.

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Exclusive Access

You will unlock exclusive ranks and channels in the Method Discord. Chat with other Core Team members, communicate content ideas, provide direct feedback and stay informed about Method's future plans.

Your Name Front & Centre!

Your name will be proudly displayed and featured across our YouTube videos, Race to World First events and the Method Website to highlight your support.

Cool Rewards & Features

  • Core Team exclusive competitions for Merch, Partner products, and more!
  • Invitation to meet & greet at live events like BlizzCon 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions below.

If your question isn't listed here, reach out to us on the Method Discord.

You can report technical problems in the Core Team channel 'report-an-issue'. If you have any issues involving sensitive information, please contact [email protected].

Once you become a member of the Core Team, you are able to opt-in to have your name or alias displayed by submitting your request in the Core Team exclusive channel named 'name-display'.

Once you have subscribed through our MEE6 subscription page, you will gain access to all the Core Team perks in the official Method Discord server.

Join the Core Team

If you're interested in joining the Method Core Team and supporting the Road to World First, Subscribe and join the Discord!

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