Yliajo Chats about Paragon Days and More

Yliajo Chats about Paragon Days and More

Back in the day, during Cataclysm and particularly Firelands, Method had quite the arch-enemy in Paragon and the two guilds fought hard for World Firsts, and today we have a bit of a look back as an old Paragon member, Xenophics, chats with our very own Paragonite, Yliajo. They talk all things WoW, the difference in raiding back in Cataclysm and now, losing kills to Method and a lot more! It's a graet trip down memory lane and a nice look at one of our raiders as well, so thanks for the interview Xenophics!

Previously, Xenophics also interviewed some more Paragon raiders who have moved on to check in with them after their WoW careers, and you can check that video out here as well:

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