Woottodoo joins Method

Woottodoo joins Method

We’re thrilled to welcome another World of Warcraft veteran to the Method stream team, Woottodoo!

A Norwegian streamer, Woottodoo has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla. Woottodoo began maining a Death Knight in Wrath of the Lich King and never looked back. Even today on stream you will find Woottodoo on solo tanking missions in viewer raids on his Blood Death Knight!

Woottodoo always liked to spend his time participating in PvP events but had focused on Rated Battle Grounds until July of 2020, when he started his professional streaming career. Since then, he has found love for Mythic+ raiding but also for raiding in general. He enjoys spending his time streaming these raids because he can educate his viewers on high-level raids and help them achieve their in-game goals.

When asked why he was interested in joining Method, Woottodoo said:

I have been playing this game since Vanilla, and I have seen what Method has achieved over the years. It’s an honor to be a part of the rebuild.

If you’re looking for an inclusive and positive community to learn from, Woottodoo’s stream is the perfect place for you to be. Go check out Woottodoo’s stream at Twitch.tv/Woottodoo and follow his Twitter at Twitter.com/Woottodoo.

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