Welcoming Nnoggie back to Method

Welcoming Nnoggie back to Method

We are thrilled to welcome Nnoggie back to Method, who will be joining our roster as an analyst!

Nnoggie’s history with Method

Nnoggie first joined Method as a Blood Death Knight tank at the beginning of Warlords of Draenor. Since then, he has achieved 10 memorable World First kills, 6 of which were together with Method!

“I will never forget when we (Method) finally killed Mythic Kil'Jaeden after over 600 wipes on one of the hardest bosses in RWF history. The energy within the team was amazing and overcoming this challenge was one of the greatest experiences in World of Warcraft for me.” - Nnoggie

Putting useful experience to work

Nnoggie will primarily take on the role of an analyst in the Method roster, working to improve the raiding team’s structure and processes, both in-game and behind the scenes. Closing in on 10 years of competitive raiding, Nnoggie has obtained an abundance of experience of Race to World First raiding and knows what makes a raid roster successful.

“I want to apply and share all of the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated over the years with this team. I am confident that the team (Method) can be a World First contender.” - Nnoggie.

Outside of his World First titles, Nnoggie is also a known Addon developer, having created the Mythic Dungeon Tools Addon that many Mythic plus enthusiasts use. The Method team couldn’t be more excited to have an analyst and developer of his caliber back on the roster.

Where can you find Nnoggie?

Nnoggie is putting a lot of focus on his stream, and is working to create awesome content for his community. Make sure to tune in and give him a warm welcome back to Method!

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