Welcome Ireninii to Method

Welcome Ireninii to Method

We’re excited to welcome Ireninii to Method’s stream team! 

You may recognize Ireninii from the Mythic Dungeon scene where she multiclasses various healers at the highest level. 

Ireninii lives in Spain and started playing retail WoW two years ago, quickly becoming passionate about Mythic Dungeons where she started to excel at the healer role, primarily her main Spec & Class - Discipline Priest. 

Since then she has frequently broadcast her adventures in Azeroth to the masses, becoming a Twitch partner and educating her community through her gameplay. Coupled with her endless love for 60-80s music, Rasputin by Boney M being a particularly gigantic stream favourite, her viewers are always entertained. 

Ireninii admits that becoming part of Method was always a dream of hers. Ireninii is thrilled to form new friendships, find more teammates and of course, bring even more positivity into the Method family!

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