Welcome Grant to Method

Welcome Grant to Method

Did you think we would let the ‘GRAB’ and his pink shirt go? Of course not! Method is proud to announce that the one and only Grant is joining Method as a member of our Stream Team!

After eight years of working within the professional Starcraft 2 scene, Grant was given his World of Warcraft breakthrough in\ by Method in 2021 during RWF:Sanctum of Domination. Hugely inspired by the late, great Starcraft 2 legend ‘InControl’, Grant's ethos has always been to make sure people laugh and smile at his awful jokes and tongue in cheek humor.

Grant started streaming professionally nearly three years ago with Starcraft, but has since moved on and almost fully transitioned into World of Warcraft and other MMO PvE content. Grant says his stream is very silly, a little bit cheeky, but interactive and personal as he is very open about his own life and struggles with mental health and impostor syndrome. “It’s everything you see from me casting, except I am laughing at my own mistakes instead of other people’s successes,” he says.

Grant also shared “Since day one when I sent in an audition for the RWF:SoD, Method’s staff has treated me so incredibly well and I have made friends for life. I’ve been supported at my lowest and raised up at my highest. Method has been home for me, a family, and to make that official is something that feels impossible to put into words. It’s magic!”

Besides running his own stream, Grant plans to be a part of a lot of events together with Method in the future and will be #UpTheOrange, flying the Method flag with pride and respect!

You can check out Grant’s stream at MethodGrant on Twitch and follow him on twitter @MethodGrant on Twitter

Welcome home Grant!

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