Uldir Release Schedule and WF Race Start Date

Uldir Release Schedule and WF Race Start Date

Battle for Azeroth is only 19 days away, but the expansion's very first raid, Uldir, will be releasing later, as usual. Today the raid opening was added to the in-game calendar, which player RhoWoW promptly pointed out to Wowhead. So when will we be seeing the fist raid open?

  • Normal and Heroic open week of September 4th
  • Mythic and LFR Wing 1 (Halls of Containment) open week of September 11th
  • LFR Wing 2 (Crimson Descent) opens week of September 25th
  • LFR Wing 3 (Heart of Corruption) opens week of October 9th

That means the Mythic World First race to down G'huun begins on the week of 11.09 and we get to see whether the very first raid of the expansion will be just a warm-up or a real challenge for the top guilds. As always we'll be covering the race, beginning with the Heroic warm-up lap right up to the end when we'll find out if the Method raiding team can be defeated in Battle for Azeroth or if they'll continue the streak of end-boss World Firsts.

See you in Uldir!

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