Uldir Opens Today! Let the Race Warm-up Begin

Uldir Opens Today! Let the Race Warm-up Begin

UPDATE - Sep 07 12:46 CET by Starym

A bit of a whoops on my end here, Security is also a EU guild so obviously they got the EU first. It's good to get these errors out before Mythic progress, but in any case, apologies and gz to Security!

UPDATE - Sep 07 11:02 CET by Starym

And G'huun has fallen plenty more times after the hotfix, as Security, Pieces and Infinity fill out the Top 5, with Pieces getting the EU first. Now it's time to look forward to the Mythic race and get ready for Tuesday!

UPDATE - Sep 06 17:55 CET by Starym

There's been another G'huun kill and it seems it's not armory issues that are afoot, as there was a bug on the final boss preventing other guilds from killing him. There was a hotfix for the issue and Chinese guild Alpha have gotten that 2nd kill.

UPDATE - Sep 06 01:14 CET by Starym

The armory still hasn't updated, but at least we got Wildcard Gaming's (probably) WF kill video

UPDATE - Sep 05 08:14 CET by Starym

So far, as expected, only one guild is logged as having downed G'huun, while it's certain many more have, but for now let's congratulate Wildcard Gaming on their 8/8 Heroic and G'huun kill!

Uldir has arrived! The first raid of Battle for Azeroth opens today and the (very short) competition to down G'huun Heroic starts with it. For the top guilds this week will serve as a warm-up, another testing grounds for strategies and, most importantly, a gear well to farm with split raids. Getting all those mains and alts ready and geared up is probably the most tedious part of the World First race for the raiders, but they'll still be giving it their all as they do with everything.

Since Heroic week is usually very chaotic with the armory being wonky, updates being very very slow and constantly shifting, re-updating and rankings changing, we'll just be doing one or two updates during it, to check out who got the final few bosses first and taking a look at some videos that come out.

And so, it's time to get hyped for next week and warm up with Uldir Heroic. It's also time to place your bets on just how long the Mythic Uldir race will last - will it be another Emerald Nightmare nightmare or will we perhaps see a lone defiant boss similar to Imperial Vizier Zor'lok back in Heart of Fear making the race last longer? Get your guesses in and we'll see what happens next week.

We'll also be posting an interview with a few Method players on the warm-up to Uldir Mythic and Battle for Azeroth in general this week, so there's that to look forward to as well.

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