Two UK Esports Powerhouses Come Together: The #MethodFIFA Team

Two UK Esports Powerhouses Come Together: The #MethodFIFA Team

The Gfinity Elite Series made a major change for Season 3, dropping CS:GO for FIFA18. Our roster announcement is a truly an exciting one for us, as we have partnered with FUTWIZ, a U.K. based FIFA18 professional esports organization, to field a championship-level pair on the pitch this season.

We're delighted to be partnering with Method for Season 3 of the Gfinity Elite Series, as it was very clear early on in our talks together that we all shared the same drive and passion for esports, and so it was naturally an easy decision to work together. We're looking forward to seeing our Team FUTWIZ pros compete for Method in the Gfinity Elite Series, and this is another huge opportunity to qualify for the FIFA 18 Global Series playoffs!"

- FUTWIZ Dan, Team FUTWIZ Esports

We are excited to venture into yet another game with FIFA 18 to compete in the upcoming Season 3 of the Gfinity Elite Series. There are some significant differences in the FIFA 18 esports scene compared to other games. Partnering with a household name such as FUTWIZ ensures that Method brings the proper expertise to the Gfinity Arena.

- Sascha Stephens, Method co-owner

The two players that will be leading the charge on the FIFA front are Pricey and Zelonius, who just recently qualified for the FUT Champions Cup in April after finishing in the top 15 of the global rankings, and will be joined a little later by a few additional players.

Pricey (Steven Price)

Competed in FIFA 17 S2 in Madrid and FIFA eWorld Cup 2017.

To be joining an organisation as big as Method is an honour and I can't wait to represent them in the Elite Series. Huge thank you to everyone involved!

Zelonius (Nathan Horton)

Competed at S1 Winter Cup in Barcelona.

I'm excited to be joining Method for the Elite Series and really looking forward to representing them. A big thank you for the opportunity they are giving me.

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