Trial of Valor Heroic Progress

Trial of Valor Heroic Progress

UPDATE - Nov 10 16:28 CET by Starym

We're going to wrap this Heroic progress coverage up with a small Asia update - as you know Wowprog doesn't track Chinese guilds but we did get a news on a few kills and their timings, so we're going to have to wing it a little. It seems ShadowCream got the Asia firsts on Dyn and Guarm, while KeaHoarl got Helya. As per Wowprog AFK R and Right got the 2nd and 3rd on Helya, but we can't be sure how they fit in with the other unmentioned Chinese guilds.

The good news is that KeaHoarl and Allstar found Helya to be more difficult than they previously thought, so they'll be going full time on Mythic progress when it starts!

We now have 5 days until mythic progress starts, so let's hope the US and EU top guilds see it the same way as KeaHoarl and Allstar and go for ToV progress like any other. In ay case we'll have a smaller scale progress coverage, in that it will be an article like this instead of the big progress page like we did for Emerald Nightmare. See you then!

UPDATE - Nov 10 17:21 CET by Starym

And Helya is officially on farm as we have 87 guilds having downed her! Only one change in the top 5 on the last boss as another top guilds shows its unwelcome face in these Heroic times, ScrubBusters get the 4th and bump Myst, Oblivion and the rest down one. Odyn has been downed 702 times and Guarm 534.

UPDATE - Nov 09 23:04 CET by Starym

Some more kills this evening as the EU tables are filling up and we have three more Helya kills. Fusion, EI JATKOON, Myst, Oblivion and DarkStorm downed the final boss and grabbed the EU 2 through 6th, leaving just one more spot in the top 5! Odyn's EU table also got messed up a little as the No.1 spot went to Fusion, bumping Prestige Gaming and Пелантея down one spot, followed by new entries Лига сибири and Providence. Guarm also sees Fusion at the top bumping the next three down a slot, with Providence closing out the top 5!

UPDATE - Nov 09 18:30 CET by Starym

And here's the first EU guild on Helya already as Prestige Gaming has downed the final ToV heroic boss World 9th! We also have the same three EU guilds downing Odyn and Guarm, Prestige Gaming, Пелантея and Envidious!

UPDATE - Nov 09 16:40 CET by Starym

We only got 3 more Helya kills overnight, but one of them also managed to make a video! Spots 6-8 are occupied by Costco Pizza, hey im mvp and One, with Costco delivering more than just pizza:

There was also a slight shift in the Odyn tables with Regen showing up at no.4 and bumping the rest down one, while Occasional Excellence took the same spot on Guarm. 160 guilds have downed Odyn and 115 Guarm.

UPDATE - Nov 09 07:11 CET by Starym

The Helya top 5 has formed and we have HC, Endless and Fast Forward joining Nurfed and Limit in the 3/3 club! Meanwhile 69 guilds have downed Odyn and 46 Guarm so it's been a busy few hours.

The top 5 for Odyn and Guarm also changed, with Limit and Endless snagging that 4th and 5th on the first boss and 3rd and 4th on second, bumping Untold Prophecy to No.5 on Guarm.

UPDATE - Nov 09 05:35 CET by Starym

It seems we will be seeing some top guilds after all, as Limit are the second to down Helya!

UPDATE - Nov 09 05:13 CET by Starym

And we're finally off to the proper races! We have a WF on Helya and something tells me this one's going to stick until the end and not get corrected, as it's Nurfed who got it! But we also got a lot of updates for Odyn and Guarm as well.

Coming in 3rd on the first boss are some old friends from EN Heroic progress, Untold Prophecy, with 4th, 5th and 6th place going to Fused, HC and Guiles Theme Song, all of whom bumped Dark Twilight down to 6th. We then find I Love Lamp, CRY MOAR and the No.1 on Helya Nurfed rounding out the top 10 for Odyn.On Guarm it's much the same story for 3rd to 7th place as it is on Odyn, but missing Dark Twilight in 6th. I Love Lamp, NaCl and Alpha AF secure the 8-10th spots on the second boss.

UPDATE - Nov 09 03:08 CET by Starym

Still going pretty slow as only one other guild has downed the first two, Overcoming has also gone past Odyn and Guarm so we have two (registered) guilds on Helya. Dark Twilight have also shown up, having downed Odyn.

UPDATE - Nov 09 00:46 CET by Starym

We have some action to report! Only one guild has been registered on armory thus far and they got both Odyn and Guarm down, it's Deadbeat Dads! The system should begin to unclog soon and we'll get more and more results pour in, but at least Helya wasn't dead at the very first update so that's...something I guess!

The second raid of Legion is here and despite being a small one, we're still going to check in! As you may have read, the Mythic portion coming next week will be a bit of a mess as the top guilds are very much indifferent on progressing through it, so unless Helya turns out to be a real tough endboss (unlike Xavius), they won't really be signing up for the race. We'll still be covering that as well to see what happens, but for now at last the Heroic warm-up lap isn't going to be different than usual. We're still focusing on the "other guys", guilds you don't necessarily see in the top 10 of Mythic, who have a shot at getting some recognition in this first week of the raid.

The raid itself should be up in a couple of hours, but it usually takes a while for Armory and Wowprogress to start picking up the data and even longer to sort who really got what first, but that's just part of the charm for Heroic progress. So let's see if it's mostly the same crowd from Emerald Nightmare Heroic that shows up or if we can get some fresh faces!


Heroic World US/OC EU Asia
1. Deadbeat Dads Deadbeat Dads Fusion ShadowCream
2. Overcoming Overcoming Prestige Gaming KeaHoarl
3. Untold Prophecy Untold Prophecy Пелантея DarkSide
4. Regen Regen Лига сибири Mulpas
5. Limit Limit Providence AFK R


Heroic World US/OC EU Asia
1. Deadbeat Dads Deadbeat Dads Fusion ShadowCream
2. Overcoming Overcoming Prestige Gaming KeaHoarl
3. Limit Limit Пелантея DarkSide
4. Occasional Excellence Occasional Excellence Envidious Mulpas
5. Endless Endless Providence AFK R


Heroic World US/OC EU Asia
1. Nurfed Nurfed Prestige Gaming KeaHoarl
2. Limit Limit Fusion AFK R
4. Endless Endless ScrubBusters 길드가 없으면 어때 잔질처럼 만들면 되지
5. Fast Forward Fast Forward Myst 부엉부엉시부엉
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