Trenacetate joins Method

Trenacetate joins Method

Is there anything better than more arena content on the Method stream team? We didn’t think so! If you’re looking for more PvP grind and an insane Demon Hunter community, we’re thrilled to tell Trenacetate is here! 

Tren has been streaming professionally for about four years and is super proud of his supportive and helpful community. They’re a passionate, helpful and positive group that not only seeks to improve their gameplay but promote kindness in the PvP community by always being there to help each other out. When Tren isn’t playing WoW, he’s probably working out and promoting healthy living because he finds that fitness helps him stay sharp mentally in the arena. As a member of Method’s stream team, Tren hopes he can motivate even more people to embrace an IRL healthy lifestyle combined with gaming to stay competitive.

When asked why he joined Method, Trenacetate shared:

Method has always been the top notch guild and esports organisation in the WoW scene. Throughout my life, I’ve committed to striving for the best so it only makes sense to join the best WoW org there is!

Check out his stream at and follow him at @TrenacetateTV!

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