The Method PUBG 2019 Team Roster Is Here, Introducing Two New Additions

The Method PUBG 2019 Team Roster Is Here, Introducing Two New Additions

It's time for the Method PUBG team to expand and for Andypyro and Xkriss to get some company as they head into the new season ready to conquer all. Felix "Men0xx" Myhr and Christian "w1ckk" Lasarov have already proven to be a great fit with Andy and Xkriss, as they've just recently finished up the OSL EU PUBG Invitational as a team, getting 4th place on the Sanhok portion of the tournament. Both players also have a lot of experience under their belts, with Men0xx having both top tournament placements (Dreamhack Summer 2018 1st Place, Gamescom 2018 7th Place, Curse Trials July 3rd Place) and some top level on-air experience as well, as he took part in the first gamer-focused reality show, GamerZ Global.

All my life I've been dreaming of becoming a professional esport player. Getting this opportunity with Method and this amazing roster is truly a dream coming true.

- Felix "Men0xx" Myhr

Meanwhile, w1ckk has a little less tournament experience, with the PGI Berlin 2018 being the biggest, but he does have some pretty impressive skills, as you can see below:

I'm really happy about joining Method. I feel super confident with the team and that the chemistry is on point. Now its time to show everyone what we are capable of.

- Christian "w1ckk" Lasarov

You can check out the team in action very soon, as they're participating in the PEL Closed Qualifier in Minsk, taking place from the 12th to the 17th of December. And, as usual, for more Method news you can follow us on twitter.

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