The Mancy Diaries: In Ensidia Proper

The Mancy Diaries: In Ensidia Proper

Article originally posted on Manaflask

Hello and welcome to yet another entry of The Mancy Diaries! There are soooo many things to say about Ensidia that I will just narrate content by content.

Alright, so, we're right after Lich King died. As I said, I was a bit annoyed I wasn't invited to the killing raid even though I was a part of the entire progress on him, but I just sucked it up and said nothing, ready to prove my worth. I did perform quite ok during ICC farm I believe, besides a very special moment. See, I had Defile and was casting Arcane Missiles at the time. So I face away, wait for the cast to finish and Blink. What I didn't have in mind was that Arcane Missiles is a channeling spell and turns your character towards the target you're casting the spell at, which resulted in my blinking in the entire melee camp with Defile. Fun fun fun! In the meantime, The Legacy disbanded after they killed Lich King and the Finnish people joined Paragon. Since my departure along with some other people might have had an impact on the guild and might have been one of the factors that led to the disband, then I guess I am partly responsible for Paragon raping Ensidia.

Besides that, during ICC farm and Halion, who I missed due to vacations, we had quite some people come and go. Some core people quit, some other good players joined and some bad players joined (HI INZ). One of the things that surprised me in Ensidia was the leadership - it wasn't as hostile as I had expected. There was very little public flaming (mostly done by Buzzkill, Cloze and Tun in a joking-looking way), most of the flaming was done in caster channel and I assume officer chat and whispers. However, there was no yelling by the leaders (there have been some exceptions to that) nor an overly strict atmosphere, things were pretty relaxed. Mek was the guy that talked a lot outside the fights, trying to boost up the morale and make people perform better or discuss things etc. Kungen was the raid leader along with Ekyu who just talked a lot regardless and Mackzter was the more quiet guy, a strong leading figure , being serious most of the time. Kungen, on the other hand joked a lot and liked to roll gold - I won so much from him, thank you Kungen. I didn't get to know Mek that well until he returned and took control of the guild in Firelands, so I'll leave it until I reach that point.

During farm, we often played HoN guild games. I believe that pretty much made everyone hate me since I was good at this game and I really wanted to win. Losing made me go crazy and become rude and flame people, which isn't a good thing to do when said people are officers in your guild. But yeah, we got past that when we stopped playing HoN all together except Kungen, who kept on playing, trying to become better, since he was too bad to even compare with Ekyu.

Now, a few more funny incidents during ICC & Halion before moving on: a rogue who played pretty good just could not handle Sindragosa. He would die every attempt from aggro in the start. I don't know if he stood wrong or if he attacked too early, but boy was he dead all the time. Then there's Aryu on Putricide who simply couldn't handle that boss. There was also Eoy on Lich King who just managed to mess up on everything all the time. Defile? He had Engineering boots on CD. There was Kungen trying to lead people inside the Lich King tunnel, using Shield Wall to avoid death and flaming other non-tanks for dying to the damage while being told to simply follow Kungen and some other things I forget. While all that was going on the hate between me and Ekyu was growing stronger and stronger, we would just fight and argue over anything for no reason at all. He would get pissed at me for nothing and I would get pissed at him for nothing. It was, however, nowhere close to the extent it took during Firelands.

Anyway, let's move to Tier 11, the first tier of Cataclysm and also the beginning of Ensidia's Cataclysm. Roster wise, we were ok. We had lost some core people, we weren't sure we had the right replacements, but we were ok either way. What we were lacking was motivation - the veterans just didn't care about getting world firsts anymore, they just played for the fun of it. There are so many funny stories about T11 that I don't even know where to begin from. Alright, first off, during Valiona & Theralion normal modes: me and my bropal Inz would just whisper each other the whole fight flaming people dying to meteor and other mechanics like that. And at 3%, both of us die to a meteor. We didn't see it at all. This had to be one of the funniest moments ever, flaming everyone for dying to meteors then dying ourselves. Another interesting story was me on Chimaeron, forgetting my pet on AFK during all the attempts, including the kill shot and me going in mage channel: "Why are you doing much more damage than me????" every try. It was also funny how on Nefarian, when we were trying to figure out a proper strategy Kungen deemed kiting the adds IMPOSSIBLE after heavy testing and the next day a kill video from Premonition was released with Xav kiting the adds. Clear proof that Xav>Kungen.

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