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The Classic Dueler's League Regular Season Begins!

The main season of the first ever Classic Dueler's League begins today!

The qualifiers finished up back in October and a whole lot of skilled players filled out the 32 slots for the main season, with 4 from each class being split into two groups. We have the first half of group 1 battling it out on Faerlina today, Saturday November 16th, at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CET, and you can check it all out on TipsOut's channel!

All of these talented players are battling it out for a spot in the final Championship round in December, and a shot at that $50,000 prize pool waiting at the end. The competition has already been fierce, as you can tell from these impressive clips:

And here's the full season schedule and groups:

November 16th - 1st Half of Group 1:

Druid - Sodapoppin
Hunter - Bean
Rogue - Valcore
Warlock - Improv
Shaman - Xzane
Mage - Venruki
Warrior - Jaelaw
Priest - Idareyou

November 17th - 1st Half of Group 2:

Druid - Matt
Hunter - Cauthonluck
Rogue - Payo
Warlock - Snutz
Shaman - Cdew
Mage - Xaryu
Warrior - Zetox
Priest - Toez

November 23rd - 2nd Half of Group 2:

Druid - MVQ
Hunter - Brucewayner
Rogue - Bobka
Warlock - Nazgul
Shaman - Fyz
Mage - Ziqo
Warrior - Biotox
Priest - Serendepityz

November 24th - 2nd Half of Group 1:

Druid - Revery
Hunter - Streamsnipe
Rogue - Vek
Warlock - Yaabz
Shaman - Titanfrost
Mage - Sagu
Warrior - Sonydigital
Priest - Trixter

November 30th - All of Group 2 Cross Matches

December 1st - All of Group 1 Cross Matches

December 2nd - All of Group 1 and 2 Mirror Matches

You can check out the results on the official CDL page and, as always, follow TipsOut and Method on twitter for the latest updates!