Style and Comfort: Method Partners with Vertagear

Style and Comfort: Method Partners with Vertagear

It's time to get comfortable, as we've partnered up with Vertagear, the leader in gaming chairs according to IGN!

Vertagear and Method are pleased to present the Method Edition PL4500 Racing Series chair. The SL Racing Series has some impressive credentials, also landing in a Top 3 spot by PC Gamer. Optional accessories like the Penta RS1 Caster and 4D Armrest upgrades, as well as a wickedly cool RGB/LED Upgrade Kit coming in early 2019.

Our Method Vertagear chair is now available to purchase in Vertagear Shop!

  1. Navigate to Vertagear Products
  2. Click The PL4500 Line
  3. Choose BUY NOW
  4. Select the Method Edition (Orange and Black)
  5. Use PROMO code: METHOD at checkout for 5% off!

We are incredibly happy to be working with Vertagear. While our players are practicing and competing in online tournaments, their ability to focus on gameplay is paramount. The level of comfort and support that the ergonomic Vertagear chairs will bring to our players will undoubtedly raise their level of gameplay.

- Scott "Sco" McMillan, Co-Founder/Owner of Method

Comfort and support are key factors for all gamers, not just professionals, and so offering a Method branded product that is of the highest quality is importance to us. We're very happy to have found the optimal solution for our fans, teams, and streamers. The PL4500 has a wide range of adjustability to keep you comfortable, as well as antibacterial properties for hygienec conditions. Formed in 2015 by computer hardware veterans, furniture specialists, designers and gamers, the company focuses on design, comfort, functionality and quality, constantly researching new ways to craft products that will improve your daily gaming in unobtrusive, hassle-free ways.

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