Spacerat joins Method

Spacerat joins Method

Let’s hear it for the Aussies! Method is excited to welcome Spacerat, a multi-rank one World of Warcraft player, specialising in healing classes to our stream team! Spacerat is currently one of the highest rated Oceanic players on the 3v3 American ladder and has been streaming professionally for the last fourteen months. 

A proud Twitch partner, he is even prouder of his engaging, loyal and unique community, Big Dam, and its growth. Every day when he turns on his stream, Spacerat sees people from all over the world sharing their support. This motivates him to create the best content he can because he wants to share that support with his community. 

Spacerat believes in creating a place where everyone can feel included, promoting kindness and acceptance in his stream. He is always ready to answer questions and constantly plays with community members in 2v2 and 3v3 arena matches as well as rated battlegrounds. As a member of Method’s stream team, he hopes to inspire the average player by encouraging them to put in the effort and hard work because then, they’ll not only master the game but they’ll have heaps of fun doing so.

When asked why he joined Method, Spacerat shared:

For so many gamers in the World of Warcraft community, Method is a household name. The opportunity to partner with Method seemed like a dream and now that it’s happening, I’m so excited to start this next step in my career along with such an amazing org supporting me!

Check out his stream at and follow him at @Spaceratx!

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