Shadowlands Season 4 Review

Shadowlands Season 4 Review

In our most recent video, Grant is joined by Bjartuur, Danwarr and Kwepp as they discuss the unique changes made in Season 4, the final season of Shadowlands. Here is our summary of a few key topics!

Let’s talk Fated Raids

The video kicks off with a discussion whether the new fated system implemented in Shadowlands Season Four has been challenging enough. Bjartuur begins the conversation by stating that the raids haven’t been very challenging, however he finds the difficulty appropriate seeing as the expansion is winding down and everybody is looking at what is to come in Dragonflight at this point, to which the others agreed. 

Thereafter, Grant raised the question of whether it would be a good idea to implement the fated system to raids outside of the current expansion, to which Kwepp replied that he believes it can be done. However, he believes the affixes would have to be based on the various expansions in order to avoid overly difficult encounters. Bjartuur and Dan both agreed and highlighted that they would love to see a fated version of Throne of Thunder, as it’s one of their all time favourite raids.

The Gearing System

Onto the gearing system, the crew discussed how the gearing process has felt so far. Everybody was in agreement that the gearing system does indeed feel better in Season Four, compared to the prior seasons of Shadowlands. 

Kwepp states that it’s nice to have a “deterministic way of getting gear”, being able to target a specific item you’d like to purchase with Dinars. Dan continued the conversation by suggesting that some version of the recently implemented upgrade tokens for gear should stay for Dragonflight as they add more incentives to completing raids on lower difficulties as well. 

What about Mythic Keystones?

Prior to Season Four, Blizzard allowed players to vote on which dungeons they’d like to see added to the Mythic Plus dungeon pool which was followed by controversy after Grimrail Depot was elected. Bjartuur starts off by stating that it’s difficult as people have different preferences in dungeon design or simply have fond memories of specific dungeons, therefore it wouldn’t be fair for a specific group to choose the dungeons. Dan carried on by saying that a community vote is probably the most fair way to decide the dungeon pool and suggested that popular dungeons could always be added to the next voting round.

All in all, Grant, Bjartuur, Dan and Kwepp agree that the changes and additions made to Shadowlands in Season Four have been very refreshing and a great way to conclude the expansion as we eagerly await Dragonflight.

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