RealBenex joins Method

RealBenex joins Method

Please help us welcome another speedster to the Method Family, Minecraft speedrunner, RealBenex!

RealBenex has been streaming since 2016, but just in the past year has he decided to stream full-time. He just achieved 80,000 followers and is the fast track to 100,000. RealBenex has been playing Minecraft since 2011 where he played a lot of Player versus player games before finding an interest in speedrunning.

Upon streaming professionally, he decided to start speedrunning and it only took him one week before achieving his first world record. Throughout his speedrunning career, Benex has totaled five world records in one of the most popular speedrun categories, “Random Seed Glitchless.”

When asked why he wanted to be apart of Method, Benex said:

“I'm excited to partner up with Method as it would allow me to expand my community to a bigger audience. I see this as an opportunity to work with a professional company and I hope that we achieve great things together.”

Benex is working hard to make his way back to the top of the leaderboards. You can check out his runs by going to and go give him a follow @RealBenex.

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