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Raiding Roundtable: A Discussion with the Top Guilds

Article originally posted on Manaflask

Ladan is back again! After the in-depth analysis article yesterday she got a large number of Top Guilds to have a discussion with her about the Dragon Soul race. It's a podcast featuring 7 out of the top 10 guilds and goes into detail about anything and everything that has happened, whether it's the LFR issue, exploits in general, the content itself or the changing nature of progression, with some long standing guilds disappearing and new ones coming up on top.

Participants were:

  • Absalom from Blood Legion (US)
  • Arx from DREAM Paragon (EU)
  • Cika from Exodus (US)
  • Crusher from Stars (TW), via email
  • Dusk from Envy (EU)
  • Grafarian from vodka (US)
  • Sco from Method (EU)