Partnering up with Bedlam - the ultimate link in bio for gamers

Partnering up with Bedlam - the ultimate link in bio for gamers

We partnered with Bedlam, the link-in-bio tool built for gamers, for this Race to World First: Amirdrassil, the Dreams Hope event. We love the product they’ve built and know our raiders do too, because they can now show off their gaming stats and achievements in World of Warcraft with ease! 

Bedlam allows you to create a fully customizable profile page where you can showcase your entire gaming identity. This now includes your Raiding and Mythic+ achievements in World of Warcraft alongside all of your social profiles, favorite platforms and whatever else you want to share. Check out Method Raider Lorgok’s Bedlam profile below as an example:

Lorgokz Bedlam profile

How does Bedlam work?

Bedlam’s proprietary Bedlam Score is a universal, cross-game scoring system that distills your skill within a specific game, or game mode, down to a single metric. This allows players who may not play the same games as you to understand your skill level within a specific title. Bedlam Score can also provide an insight into how you rank against other players within titles or game modes that don’t have a native MMR system, like Raiding in World of Warcraft!

We’ve seen thousands of you claiming your Bedlam Tag and flexing your WoW stats. If you haven’t claimed yours yet, it’s not too late. Bedlam is still accepting sign-ups for a limited time, while the Race to World First event is live, so go claim your Bedlam Tag now over at before someone else gets there first. Don't forget, by signing up during this event, you'll also unlock the exclusive Dreamcatcher frame!

Bedlam Dreamcatcher frame

To learn more about Bedlam, check out their detailed blog!

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