Minecraft King of the Hill Episode 4!

Minecraft King of the Hill Episode 4!

Method is happy to announce the fourth installment of the Minecraft King of the Hill series will begin on December 12th at 17:00 CET!

The Method Rush: King of the Hill challenges four handpicked popular minecraft speedrunning influencers to take part in a best of three double elimination tournament. These speedrunners will battle it out as they compete head to head in a gruelling competition, giving their all to emerge victorious and be crowned the King of the Hill and taking their share of the $1000 prize pool.

The reigning three-time, back-to-back-to-back champion Feinberg will be competing against three other speedrunners to hold his spot on the throne. We asked Feinberg his thoughts on the upcoming event and he said:

“I'm excited to play another week of King of the Hill - and hopefully winning another week. I've been practicing my zero cycles, so hopefully I can do a successful one this upcoming week. Otherwise, I'll be bringing the same consistent gameplay as always, chasing another win and keeping my crown.”

While Feinberg is looking to win another King of the Hill event, he has three new competitors attempting to take the throne from him. The new challengers this week are MoleyG, Hoffik, and Reignex. Knowing that Feinberg has won every King of the Hill event, we asked each of them their thoughts on the upcoming event, here is what they had to say:

“Feinberg may be the reigning king of the hill, but he hasn't come up against the king of RSG yet." - MoleyG

“I am glad that I can take part in the next episode of King of the Hill tournament. It's nice that Method organizes tournaments for Minecraft speedruners. I will try to do my best and maybe take the title away from powerful Feinberg." - Hoffik

“I hope to actually give Fein a challenge. I don’t participate in too many tournaments but I’ll try and bring my A-Game and entertain some people with some close matches." - Reignex

The Minecraft head-to-head speedrunning competition will be streamed over at Twitch.tv/Method and will be casted by our friends FulhamYT and T_Wagz! Mark your calendars because the speedrunning starts at 17:00 CET on Sunday, December 12th. 

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