Method Synergy: NA Regional Champions!

Method Synergy: NA Regional Champions!

It's going to be a very Method BlizzCon as we have secured both the EU and NA Regional crowns! Method Synergy were dominant in this weekend's World of Warcraft North American Arena Regional Championships where they made it all the way through to the end and took home the win, joining Method Triforce as Regional Champions! It took quite a while, but in the end it was a clean sweep against Panda Global in the Bo7 grand Finals, with the 4:0 the trophy (or rather the scroll) was theirs.

Method Synergy on Stage

Check out this event summary by hosts MLG for a great overview of the whole event, or you can take a look at the final day's VoD, including the Grand Finals starting at 2H 53Min.

After 3 days of intense competition and not only having to come back a loss in the group stage, but also defeat Method Reborn in the elimination matches to move up, it was plays like these that got Kolo, Maldiva, Mes and Trilltko to that Grand Final and the Regional Championship crown itself.

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