Method Partners with Alienware

Method Partners with Alienware

Method is pleased to announce their partnership with Alienware, the most trusted name in high-performance computer gaming systems and media centers.

Founded in 1996 by gamers just like us, Alienware laptops provide a desktop-level quality gaming experience. By using dual Nvidia GeForce 900 Series GPUs, Alienware can handle the demands of any popular game, including the latest shooters such as CS:GO and Overwatch. Alienware desktop systems give you the chance to play like the pros, featuring competition-level performance and processing speed. These systems are often what you see at actual tournaments and invitations around the world - available to you in your home.

The Alienware Arena gives gamers and fans a page they can easily bookmark to watch AlienwareTV, follow the latest news and giveaways, and even check out the latest indie games.

With the demands of Blizzard developed games growing every year, it’s incredibly important for Method World of Warcraft and Overwatch Teams to have the latest technology and GPUs at their disposal.

Scott “Sco” McMillan, Co-Founder of Method, on the partnership with Alienware;

Method is always looking to equip its team and players with the best in class products. With this new Alienware partnership our teams and players will be equipped with the best possible hardware allowing them to fully focus on gaming on at home, or streaming and competitions on the go.

Scott “Sco” McMillan

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