Method OSRS Presents: Trailblazer: Off the Beaten Path

Method OSRS Presents: Trailblazer: Off the Beaten Path

The lands of Gielinor have once again called upon us, and who are we to not heed their call?

Since the banner of Method descended upon OSRS, we’ve been busy -- planning PvP tournaments, announcing new players, and just doing whatever we can to support the OSRS community. Considering how welcoming the OSRS community has been, we think it’s time that we return the favor. That’s why we’re not letting the last days of 2020 go down without a fight. In fact, we’re doubling down with our commitment to the game by announcing the most exciting OSRS event to ever occur during the first week of January (and by most exciting, we mean the only OSRS event you can watch in the first week of January!).

The Trailblazers tournament is finally here. With Trailblazer League coming to a close on January 6th, it only seems fitting to send it off with a bang.

Starting December 28th, players participating in Trailblazer: Off the Beaten Path will get to blaze their final trails on a route few have walked. To succeed, you’ll have to make clever use of the most underutilised relics while exploring the sweltering Kharidian Desert and barren Wilderness to their fullest. Earn enough League Points to qualify for cash prizes, and you may even earn a spot in a one-of-a-kind PvP tournament on January 3rd, to fight other trailblazers for glory (and of course more cash prizes!).

But here’s even greater news: signups are open to everybody!

If you’re looking for all of the details, check out this link here. But if you need to know now because you already clicked on this article, here’s what we can share:

1. Players must take a fresh account from zero to hero on the Trailblazer Leagues worlds, using the least popular area and relic unlocks from the league so far. 

Area Unlocks (in this order):

  1. Kharidian Desert
  2. Wilderness
  3. Player’s Choice

Relic Unlocks:

  1. Production Master
  2. Fairy’s Flight
  3. Player’s Choice 
  4. Treasure Seeker
  5. Infernal Gathering
  6. Exploding Attacks

2. Players must have exactly 300 League Points when progress opens on December 28th at 12pm GMT. Below is a quick and RNG-free way to obtain 300 League Points:

  1. Complete the Leagues Tutorial (20 points)
  2. Open the Trailblazer Tasks Menu (270 points)
  3. Pickpocket a Man or Woman (280 points)
  4. Kill a goblin using a single attack style (300 points)
  5. Log out for hiscores to update

3. Players will be able to track their points versus other competitors, and see whether they stand to qualify for the PvP tournament, or even snag a top 4 spot for cash prizes. 

4. On January 3rd, the 32 players with the most points earned will be entered into a fully broadcasted, one-of-a-kind PvP tournament. And at the end of it all, only one trailblazer will be left standing.

But not only do we want to see you in Gielinor, we want to see you in chat!  So check out our newest talent and watch this space for even more creator announcements in January. 

PosionedPotion - A high risk/high reward OSRS player, PosionedPotion really didn’t start playing Runescape seriously until his ‘High Risk Hardcore Ironman’ series started in March 2020. Since then he’s been all in. Look to his streams for pure adrenaline filled OSRS at

Dino_xx - One of the kings of PvP in OSRS, Dino_xx started out as a F2P PKer in Runescape back in 2006. Since then he’s developed his community and actually shepherds other new players into the lives of a PKer, showing them the ropes and helping breathe a little life into the wilderness at

For the latest Method x OSRS news, follow @MethodMildly on Twitter and we’ll see you at on January 3rd.

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