Method HotS Go Through to the Mid Season Brawl

Method HotS Go Through to the Mid Season Brawl

Big congratulations to Athero, Arcaner, Cursen, Nic and scHwipi, aka Method HotS, for their performance in the EU playoffs today, as they made it to the next stage of the HGC, the Mid Season Brawl! The brawl itself is the first major global event of the season and is back to DreamHack summer again this year, with its $250,000 prize pool in tow! In the running with our Method boys will be two more EU team, two NA teams, two Chinese teams, three Koran teams and the winners of both the Intercontinental Clash (between Latin America and Australia/New Zealand) and Horizon Clash (between Taiwan and Southeast Asia), so the competition will be quite fierce.

But what's more interesting is how the team made it through, with the last match-up vs. Zealots going to a game 5, laying it all on the line in the final stretch. And what a game it was, with great play throughout, which you can check it out in full below, or just watch the final moments for that quick adrenaline rush:

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