Method Confirms MDI EU Roster for 2019

Method Confirms MDI EU Roster for 2019

United Kingdom – March 16th, 2019 – Method is pleased to confirm our EU Roster for the 2019 Mythic Dungeon International tournament. Featuring four of Method's World First raiders and the return of one of the best MDI tanks in the world, Method EU is poised to speed-run their way onto the leaderboard when the MDI officially kicks off with competitive play during Time Trials in mid-March.

Method EU Roster:

  • Mike "Gingi" Djebbara - DPS, Team Captain
  • Robin "Naowh" Gabay - Tank
  • Kenn "Zaeliax" Rasmussen - Healer
  • Jimmy "Fragnance" Landqvist - DPS
  • Marc "Meeres" Endress - DPS

Our goal here in Method for Battle of Azeroth is to take home the gold in everything we do. So far we have reached the world first level 120 on expansion launch. Managed to win the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon 2018. Additionally, we achieved world first for both the Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic raid tiers . Now it’s time to win the MDI and this team couldn’t be more proud to represent Method EU in 2019.

- Mike "Gingi" Djebbara, Team Captain

About Method

Getting our start as a World of Warcraft guild, Method is now a global, world championship winning esports organization. Founded in 2005 by Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan and based in the UK, Method consists of 10 teams featuring 90 world class players across 5 different games: World of Warcraft, Path of Exile, Fortnite, Rocket League and Injustice 2.

More than an esports organization, content creation is one of Method’s core foundations. Besides housing one of the largest live stream teams in esports, Method is the host of original events such as the Method Majors and the Race to World First: Uldir in September 2018 and the Race to World First: Dazar'Alor in February 2019.

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