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Method Black and Orange: A New Beginning for our North American Teams

Method Arena is back and after a bit of reshuffling we have emerged with two extremely strong NA teams. With veteran players and some new additions alike we are set to take the new 2018 Arena World Championship system by storm, with Method Black and Method Orange! Both teams are in the middle of the first NA cup of Season 1 and have plowed through 4 rounds without a loss, placing them in the top 6 with 3 more days to go. 

But let's start with the (re)introductions: first off we have Method Black, featuring players from last year's "Awakened" and "Reborn" teams, joined by a member of the previous Tempo Storm team. With a large number of BlizzCon Grand Finals, a World Champion and a newcomer to the family, the team is ready to represent Method in the best possible way.

Introducing: Method Black

Player Avatar
SnutzKelvin Nguyen

2012 World Champion, 2010, 2011, 2016 World 2nd, 2014 World 3rd/4th , 2014 NA Regional Champion.
Player Avatar
Smexxin Nick DalSoglio

2016  World 2nd, 2016 NA Regional Champion, 2015 World 3rd/4th.

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SamiyamMichael Hlubek

2017 NA regionals 5th, 2016 NA regionals top 8, , Legion s1-6 rank1.

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GoreckiRynan Hannan

2016 World 3rd/4h, 2017 NA Cup #2, #3 and method NA Major 1st.

Method Orange features a shuffle of 2017 Method players from "Reborn" as well as "Synergy", the 2017 NA Regional Champions.

Introducing: Method Orange

Player Avatar
CdewCharles Dewland

2016 World 2nd, 4 time NA regional champion, 2014, 2010 World 3rd/4th, 2010 IEM CHampion.

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MesRichard SImpson

2017 World 3rd/4th, 2017 NA regional champion, 2017 NA Cup #5 1st, 2017 NA cup #1, #3 3rd, 2017 GDCTV na april clash 2nd.

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TrillRyan COstello

2017 World 3rd/4th, 2017 NA regional champion, 2017 NA cup #5 1st.

The GCDTV NA Season 1 cup is here and both Method Black and Method Orange have made the Top 6 this weekend, gameplay will be on the official Warcraft twitch channel this weekend.

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