Meet Nurseos - Player Spotlight

Meet Nurseos - Player Spotlight

With the arrival of Shadowlands Season Four, Method would like to highlight one of the most recent additions to our raid roster, Nurseos!

Nurseos is a medical studies graduate and musician known to excel at the DPS role in World of Warcraft. Twelve years ago, in the midst of Icecrown Citadel, Nurseos was introduced to the game by a friend and has been playing ever since. He has a long history of competitive raiding, having played for the former Race to World First guild Exorsus, and most recently, Pieces. 

Nurseos became part of Method after the Race To World First: Sepulcher of the First Ones, and currently holds the role of multiclassing DPS. When asked which class he mains, Nurseos expressed that “it’s complicated but mostly the role of Melee DPS specialisations”, though he has played a Death Knight for the majority of Shadowlands. 

Nurseos states that he is carefully optimistic about the next World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight. Whilst he admits to being excited about the new talent trees, Nurseos wishes for more changes to the core of class design as he “loves when Blizzard drastically changes the game” as they used to back in the days. Furthermore, Nurseos highlights that he’s excited for the next Race to World First as a Method raider and hopes to keep improving as a player in order to help the team achieve its goals.

You may often catch Nurseos live on Twitch raiding with the Method squad, theorycrafting or playing some of his other favourite games, such as DOOM Eternal, Fable or Deus Ex whilst enjoying a burger or some spaghetti bolognese. Make sure to tune in and accompany him throughout the fourth season of Shadowlands and more!


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