Meet Method’s Newest Guild Members and Trialists

Meet Method’s Newest Guild Members and Trialists

The Shadowlands: Sanctum of Domination Mythic raid is right around the corner. We, at Method, are extremely excited to show everyone how hard we’ve been working hard to build the best raid roster possible.

Sanctum of Domination isn’t just a new patch but an act of competition, conviction and passion. That’s why we’re striving to be at the forefront of the leaderboards. With this in mind, we have expanded our raiding roster to include veteran players such as Kuriisu, Cayna, DrJay, Sjeletyven and Viklund, here to provide their insight and knowledge to the game in order to work towards the best possible outcome.

To go along with our veteran raiders, we have a new set of trialists that have joined since the last raid tier. These players are being given a shot to prove themselves and earn full membership in the raid roster. These trialists, Heregellas, Jaerv, Jakepls, Shejkin, Thaner, Tobo, Tokaine, and Wexi, are here to show the community just how far we’ve come on the Road to World First project.

Checkout the full roster on the raiding team page.

We hope you all are as ready for Sanctum of Domination as we are. Be sure to check out and Twitter for raid coverage and updates on all things World of Warcraft.

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