Meet Method: PlebCentral

Meet Method: PlebCentral

Like any organization, here at Method it takes a village to keep this well oiled machine running smoothly, innovating and evolving. We are excited to introduce a new series, Meet Method. Each installment will introduce a different member of the Method family, walk you through what they do here and help you get to know the players, staff and streamers behind the orange and black.

Creativity comes in many forms. From the visuals you see watching a Method stream or video on YouTube, to the content that keeps you entertained, informed and connected. PlebCentral is the driving force in this department, facilitating those moving parts as Creative Director. He's picked out some of his favorite work for this article, whether it's videos he's edited or did animation for, and we'll be adding them throughout the post.

What he does at Method

I oversee all the creative teams. When there are graphics or videos needed, I either complete the work or assign it out. I maintain and develop the broadcasting packages for the 24/7 channel, including quality and standard control. I also manage all of the YouTube content, including video ideas, like when it's a patch or raid month, for example.

How he acquired his skills

I stopped going to school at age 14, so when I got started I had ZERO qualifications. Before I stopped going to school I took a few basic classes around Photoshop, which made me want to learn more. I started teaching myself Photoshop, video editing, playing with it until I figure it out. When you google how to do something and see a video on YouTube of an 8 year old showing you how to do something, you feel pretty dumb.

What his weekly life looks like

I really try to have Sundays off so I can make sure my spreadsheets are caught up, prep for next week, check due dates, and other housekeeping. I plan my weekly/monthly schedule using One Note, which Belle taught me. It's awesome for organizing tons of stuff. I try to pre-plan each week, so as things come up I can easily add them to the mix. Most days I wake up at noon, respond to emails, clean myself off, showering is important. I spend the first hour prepping for the day's work. I am on the same schedule as the raiders. I need to be in Team Speak during raids so I can quickly organize updates, kill videos and other elements. I also do weekly, sometimes daily videos for Venruki, Cdew and Sco, like Sco's weekly raid videos.

My day to day is so versatile and different, which is part of the reason I love this job. If I have to sit and do the same thing all the time, I will get tired of it and move on. Being creative online is one of the best jobs ever. I get to choose who I work for and what I work on.

His perfect project

My perfect project is anything with animation. One thing I love doing is character animation work, like World of Warcraft login screens. Taking a 2d image, filling it in and animating the character is so much fun. I love doing stream package type of stuff with a huge focus on animation. If I get bored with what I am doing, I switch off completely. I need things that keep my attention and animation work does that.

His main career goals

My future goal is simple, stay employed, don't be homeless. To accomplish this, my focus in on expanding my skill set. I want to be a Jack of all trades, master of none.

The biggest mistake he made when starting his creative journey

When I first started, I under-charged for the work I did for far too long. The main reason you work for little or nothing when just starting is to break into the industry and start making a name for yourself. However, you have to adjust that and know the value of your work.

How you can avoid making his mistake

Once you have a name for yourself, slowly adjust your pricing to reflect the type of creator you want to be. Don't sell yourself short. There are several ways you can choose to charge. You can charge more but have fewer clients, for a greater deliverable quality to focus larger projects for your portfolio, or you can charge less and have more clients with smaller, easy to deliver projects to build your client base/experience. You can even do a mix. This is something each creator decides based off whats best for them.

His downtime must do's

I really enjoy music, movies & tv shows. Music is my #1 priority of the three. I love rap and pop-punk like Blink 182. Streamers also influence my music preferences, especially if it's something I have not heard before. There was this streamer named Zomx, who listened to southern rap and I started discovering other artists in the genre and loved it. Of course I love and listen to UK artists as well. If I had top pick an all time favorite movie hands down, it would be Goodfellas. If I had to re-watch the same movie forever it would be the Godfather series.

How he tacos

I have never had a taco in my life. But I love pita bread and the soft shell tacos look like pita. So I would probably like soft tacos with loads of meat, sour cream and cheese. No lettuce. I hate lettuce. I have seen pictures of friends who were out eating al pastor tacos and they look good.

Spoiler alert

Most wouldn't know, but I am a really emotional person.

His top 5 video game picks of all time

  • World of Warcraft
  • Colin McRae Rally 2.0
  • Crash Tag Team Racing
  • Point Blank - arcade game
  • House of the Dead II

His most used emote

  • Phone: Pray
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