Meet Method: Graycen

Meet Method: Graycen

In this addition of Meet Method, we bring you Graycen, our newest streamer for the Method 24/7 channel. Learn how he channels his inner Grey's Anatomy to quell the corruption woes of PvP.

What he does at Method

I am a personality streamer for the Method 24/7 channel. I mainly focus streaming World of Warcraft PvP.

How he acquired his skills

I learned how to stream by simply being a viewer of streams myself. I ask myself: what makes a stream enjoyable for me to continue watching? What do I look for when I watch streamers? I would integrate all of these answers into my stream sessions.

What his weekly life looks like

I typically wake up past noon daily. I fire up the stream from 10pm PST to 4am PST. My Monday nights typically consist of cramming eight mythic +15's for all of my toons.

His perfect stream

My perfect stream would have to be starting the night off with some viewer arena games and higher rated 3's.

His main career goals

I would say my main goal when it comes to streaming is that I just want people to be able to take something away from it. Whether it is solid advice on how to improve their arena performance or a hearty laugh. It is important everyone takes away at least one good thing from watching.

The biggest mistake he made when he started streaming

I would never stream consistently. Streaming consistently is what takes your stream to the next level when it comes to building a community and following.

How you can avoid making his mistake

Define the stream schedule that works best for you. When you define it, stick to it. People get used to seeing certain streamers at certain times of day, which is how you build your audience.

His downtime must do's

Hang out with my girlfriend, friends, family, and try to get all my WoW chores done.

How he tacos

Burrito....Just kidding Belle, it is steak.

Spoiler alert

I love Grey's Anatomy.

His top 5 video game picks of all time

  • World of Warcraft
  • League of Legends
  • Halo 3
  • Tetris
  • Fortnite

His most used emote

  • Phone: Tears of Joy
  • Twitch: Pog

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