Magnusz joins Method

Magnusz joins Method

Everyone’s favorite Arms Warrior has joined the Method stream team! Say hello to Magnusz, our latest WoW PvP content creator!

Magnusz is all about high level warrior gameplay and is looking to share his experience with the warrior PvP community. After starting to stream professionally last summer, Magnusz went from 3,000 followers in January 2020 to 30,000 followers in February 2021. He’s proud to know that people use the “Magnusz build” in LFG in BFA and can’t wait to continue sharing all he’s learned about the warrior class with his PvP-loving community. Magnusz enjoys streaming and promises to share every trick he’s picked up along the way while creating content like his Arms Warrior DPS guides.

Magnusz is thrilled to be joining Method and to be part of an org that many of his PvP brothers belong to so if you’re an Arms Warrior looking to learn more about your craft, Magnusz’s stream is the one to check out. When asked what he hopes to contribute to Method, he said:

To share my love for Baconators and be the place where those who love the warrior class can go to learn and ask any question about it they can think of. Method has always been the "OG" WoW org and I want people to know Method is back on top!

Check out his stream at and follow him on Twitter at @sx6_magnusz!

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