Lorgokz Returns to Method

Lorgokz Returns to Method

You may recognize Lorgokz as the most achieved Balance Druid in the history of World of Warcraft raiding. With 10 impressive World First kills, we are thrilled to have the renowned Boomkin rep’ the orange once again. 

Lorgokz and his history in Method

Lorgokz became a fan of World of Warcraft at a young age after trying out the game at internet cafés with his friends. He quickly rose through the ranks, getting hooked on the game we all know and love.  

In the middle of Mist of Pandaria, Lorgokz aspired to compete for World Firsts and sought to join Method for Throne of Thunder, where Method would claim World First Lei Shen. 

"Throne of Thunder was by far the most fun I’ve had playing the game. Unfortunately I had a bittersweet ending to the tier. I was part of every pull until the last 2 days of the raid when my internet connection was wiped out and could not be part of the first kill. I was also 16 years old and it was my first time competing for a World First, so of course I wanted to be there for Lei Shen. Although I was extremely happy for the team, it did have a bitter taste to it."

Thereafter Lorgokz continued to make strides and showcased his skills as a Balance Druid, highlighting our World First Blackhand Mythic kill as his favourite memory in Method…So far. 

“The World First Blackhand was incredible, definitely one of the greatest boss fights of all time! At that time we were still trailing Paragon, it felt incredible to reclaim the crown.” 

Lorgokz would amass a total of 7 World First kills under the Method banner, before departing from the roster at the end of Battle for Azeroth; where he would continue to raid and secure another 3 World Firsts with Echo. 

What to expect from Lorgokz in Method

After his recent return to Method, you can expect to see Lorgokz doing what he does best; blasting big Starsurges on his Boomkin.

“I will continue to onetrick Boomkin since it’s what makes me truly enjoy the game, which is what matters the most to me.”

Outside of gaming, Lorgokz carries a deep passion for Fitness and Health which he has turned into a career. 

“For a couple of years I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into a fitness coaching business and it has truly been paying off. My ultimate goal is to become a professional bodybuilder whilst continuing to expand my business, so far I’m really happy with the results of both.” 

Where can you find Lorgokz?

Between raiding and expanding his business as a fitness coach, you will find Lorgokz live on Twitch doing Balance Druid things whilst jamming out to some Hardstyle. Be sure to tune in and give him a warm welcome back to Method! 



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