Leveling Changes: Patch 7.3.5

Leveling Changes: Patch 7.3.5

Blizzard has revamped how we level for all older content and expansions. These changes allow the leveling experience to be more fluid and improve the overall process for both old and new World of Warcraft players alike. Below we have a quick breakdown of what has changed. 

Zone Scaling

  • All zones from Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, Outland, Pandaria and Draenor now scale with set level ranges.
    • This allows players to finish the storylines without the risk of out leveling a particular zone.
    • The best advantage here is having the option to choose where you level and when you move to a different zone.
    • Another great advantage is being able to easily pick up and level with a friend as we do in Legion.
  • Dungeons and the rewards have also been adjusted to fit the new system including dungeon scaling.
    • All dungeons now also award personal loot.
  • The Loremaster achievements have been adjusted to reflect storylines versus quests.
  • Recruitment Boards
    • These have been added to all capital cities.
    • This will allow you pick a new zone to level in if you are unsure of where to go with the new scaling changes
    • There will be 3 zone options for you to choose from.

Leveling Changes

  • Required Experience Per Level (the experience needed for each level has been adjusted).
    • For levels 1 - 9, the experience required per level is the same as it was pre-patch.
    • For levels 10 - 59, the experience required per level is higher. Between 18 - 59 will be the highest amount needed.
    • For levels 60 to 110, the experience required per level is the same as it was pre-patch.
  • Mobs health pool has also been increased. The increase is noticeable as you no longer one-shot mobs with full heirlooms.
  • Heirlooms have retained their experience bonus, however, the stat rewards at lower levels have been reduced. 

Flying Changes

  • You will no longer need to purchase special flying like Cold Weather and Pandaria Flying.
  • Expert Riding or higher allows you to fly anywhere except zones that require a Pathfinder achievement.

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