Laty joins Method

Laty joins Method

We’re gearing up for Burning Crusade by adding even more Classic WoW to the Method stream team! Get ready to welcome Laty’s speedrunning and Classing raiding skills to the Method community!

Laty’s streaming career is only just getting started after he stepped it up following Classic’s launch last year. After hitting 8K+ viewers during the Naxx speedrun, he’s ready to keep growing and build his monster community with eurobeat streams and pumper gameplay. Laty likes to keep his streams chill and fun and he hopes people come for the high-level Classic gameplay but stay for some laughs because he and his guildmates love to kid around.

When asked why he joined Method, Laty shared:

Joining Method gives me the opportunity to pursue my dream of streaming full-time while helping my viewers improve their Classic gameplay by answering as many questions as I can. I’m excited to bring more Classic WoW raiding and speedrunning to Method’s stream team!

Check out his stream at and follow him at @latylol!

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