Kobeblackmamba joins Method

Kobeblackmamba joins Method

We are happy to welcome a new member to the Method family, Path of Exile player and streamer, Kobeblackmamba!

Kobeblackmamba was born in Southern California and lives with his two dogs Emma and Athena, and his cat Delilah. Prior to streaming, Kobe went to University for Economics and had a career as a stock trader until April of 2020 when he started streaming full-time.

Kobeblackmamba’s video game career ranges back to old MMORPGs and FPS games before he made the switch to his first ARPG, Diablo 3. After Diablo 3, he discovered Path of Exile while still in its infancy stage, and he absolutely loved it. Kobe is always excited when it comes to Path of Exile, especially when it comes to the start of league launches due to the fresh restarts and the interactiveness of his community and helping them with new builds.

When we asked why Kobe wanted to join Method, he said:

“I am interested in partnering up with Method because I love the competitive aspect of Path of Exile, especially the longer races like the Gauntlet. I would love to see Method develop more events for Path of Exile, specifically during the downtime for waiting for the new league launch.”

Kobeblackmamba hopes to add to the Method community who provides a variety of content in the PoE genre such as Softcore Trade and Hardcore Races. He would also like to contribute guides and popular builds in Path of Exile for the Method community to learn and enjoy.

If lighthearted, sarcastic and informative Path of Exile content is up your alley, you can check out Kobeblackmamba’s stream at twitch.tv/kobeblackmamba and follow him for updates at @kobeBLKMAMBA_.

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