Karvarousku joins Method

Karvarousku joins Method

"The Atlas Guy" is bringing his laid-back, informative and open-minded community to Method’s Path of Exile stream team! 

Earning his nickname due to his interest in the game's systems and complex mechanics in 2016 when PoE released their biggest endgame expansion, Atlas of Worlds, Karv has been playing PoE since closed beta in late 2012, and started streaming his success in PoE's official race events due community demand. 

A professional streamer for the past three years, Karv was partnered about fifty months ago but who’s counting! He streamed quite regularly for a long time before that but it was only within the last twelve months that he felt secure that streaming could be a big part of his career path. In fact, streaming is what’s opened doors for IRL experiences including becoming a part-time QA/game tester at a professional gaming company that’s in the midst of designing a brand new game - an experience he calls  “absolutely insane and eye-opening” and the #1 thing he’s achieved with his channel.

Karv understands that while others bring clutch PoE gaming moments to the Method community, he plans on adding “the flame of learning and understanding the things that lead to those moments,” hopefully helping others to find out about and understand game mechanics and systems.

When asked why he joined Method, Karv shared:

This is the chance to be a feather of a phoenix rising from the ashes, so yeah, count me in because I want to be part of an org putting on great PoE events for the community. 

Check out his stream at twitch.tv/karvarousku and follow him at @Karvarousku!

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