Introducing RWF.GG - The First Ever Progress Tracking Mobile App

Introducing RWF.GG - The First Ever Progress Tracking Mobile App

Gone are the days of scouring Twitch streams and having 10 browser tabs open to know what is going on during the race. You can now track Race to World First progress directly on your mobile phone, and no, we don’t mean flipping back and forth between your favorite guilds and players on the Twitch app.

If you’re AFK or simply working your day-to-day, with the Race to World First mobile app you can get boss kill push notifications, check on global standings, and filter the race by region to check on the guilds you care most about.

Available on Google Play and the Apple Store, the Race to World First mobile app allows you to customize your push notifications so you only get the boss news you care about. An extension of Method’s traditional Race to World First Progress Updates, the app will also feature the latest Race news to ensure you know where the top guilds stand.

To learn the inspiration behind RWF.GG, we spoke with Jan, Method’s Head of Technology.

Ever since Method’s first RWF event back in BfA, I have always been a huge fan of the event. However, every time I was at work, or simply not on my computer, my FOMO made me refresh progress trackers on my phone over and over to stay on top of things.

That’s why when I joined Method as the Head of Technology, building a mobile app that keeps me up to date on RWF progress was the first thing on my list.

Today, I can proudly announce that the team successfully pulled it off and we’ve released our first original technology product - The Race to World First App!

I am proud that Method has always been at the forefront of innovation in the World of Warcraft community. We are excited to hear your feedback and keep making the app even better! If you like the app and want to make our day, consider giving us a 5 star rating in Google Play or the Apple App Store!

Download The Race to World First App today by searching "RWF.GG" in the Apple Store or on Google Play and watch this space to learn about the latest updates to RWF.GG ahead of 9.2.

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