Introducing Method Rush: Devil's Toll

Introducing Method Rush: Devil's Toll

Method is thrilled to announce our Diablo II Resurrected speed running event, Method Rush: Devil’s Toll. The event includes a unique format and features some of the top speed runners in the scene. The tournament is set to air August 20th at 19.00 CEST! 

What is the Method Rush: Devil’s Toll?

The Method Rush: Devil's Toll is a unique Diablo II Resurrected speed running event which features eight competitors racing head-to-head through different acts by slaying demons of the underworld, with the sole objective of being the first player to cross the finish line. However, the format comes with a twist! In order to advance to the next act, the players are required to pay an “advancement toll”, meaning that the competitors must earn a specific amount of gold in each act before they may proceed to the next.


  • Due to major indifference in completion times, players will not be allowed to compete as the Sorceress class.
  • All participants must collect the required amount of gold in order to proceed to the next act.
  • Players will not be able to leave the game once it has begun without receiving a gold penalty, forcing them to farm around the map rather than picking a specific location and resetting.

Who will be competing?

The tournament features eight of the top speed runners in the Diablo II Resurrected scene; MrLlama, Mekalb, Sanzeau, Kano, Jymnasium, Bokserkabaty, Bender and Indrek. The competitors will be battling it out for a share of $1500 provided by Method, plus additional contributions through crowdfunding! 

Where will the event be broadcasted?

The unique Diablo II Resurrected event will be streamed on the Method Twitch channel and will be brought to you by one of our professional casters, Grant and two more casters who are to be announced later this week. Mark your calendars and make sure to tune in on Saturday, August 20th at 19.00 CEST to watch our inaugural Devil’s Toll tournament!

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