Introducing Method PvP: Whaazz, Chas, Thesia and Zunniyaki

Introducing Method PvP: Whaazz, Chas, Thesia and Zunniyaki

Method is thrilled to announce that 2019 BlizzCon champions Whaazz and Chas are back under the Method banner as they start their quest for another Arena World Championship title! 

Following the dissolution of their team last year, Whaazz and Chas knew they wanted to prove to the community that they’ve not only learned from this experience but that they’ve grown as team leaders and players. The new Method PvP team is committed to upholding our core values but most importantly respecting the community. 

When asked why they joined Method’s rebuild, Whaazz shared:

“It’s very important for me to rebuild and compete again even though we won BlizzCon in 2019. I still have the hunger inside of me and I want to win another BlizzCon title. Method is the right org for us because the way they’ve treated us in the past was completely spot on.”

Chas added:

“We’ve seen what Method has done to rebuild and change and we are very happy to see those changes. We’re excited to once again represent Method for the AWC.”

Led by Whaazz and Chas, the new Method PvP team is proud to introduce Thesia and Zunniyaki to the community.

An ever-present member of the WoW PvP community, Thesia has hit R1 every season since Mists of Pandria. Now as a member of Method, Thesia is ready to bring his passion for WoW to the community, sharing his positive and open-minded outlook with all, bringing good vibes and exciting PvP content to his brand new stream.

Zunniyaki has three European titles and three BlizzCon finals appearances under his belt, and is ready to win the World of Warcraft World Championship. A long-time Method fan, he admires the org’s commitment to competitive excellence and the steps they’ve taken over the years to support players by helping them turn their passions into careers. Zunniyaki is excited to share his vision and positivity with the Method community, pushing players to reach their greatest potential.

For fans of Whaazz and Chas you expect the competitive excellence you’ve come to expect and the content you’ve grown to know and love.

By popular demand, Chas recently started streaming for fun and he’s just getting started with a big focus on WoW Arena. He promises to keep his community laughing while creating a positive and inclusive environment everyone can enjoy. 

Whaazz, who’s been streaming since 2014, is proud to have reached 2,000 subscribers this year and will continue keeping it fun and interesting for his family-style community.

Be sure to watch all of their streams to follow the Method PvP’s AWC journey this year!

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