Introducing Method NA: Brain, Ceralium, Drake and Prev

Introducing Method NA: Brain, Ceralium, Drake and Prev

Method is proud to introduce our latest PvP team, Method NA! Featuring 2020 AWC NA Champions and 2021 back to back cup winners Brain, Ceralium, Drake and Prev, formerly of Kawhi, Method NA is ready to take your AWC viewing experience to the next level with killer strats and a hunger to win.

Under the Method banner, Brain, Ceralium, Drake and Prev will be incredibly focused on bringing home the wins this season but they’re also planning on building their communities by streaming more than they ever have before. When asked what type of community they’d like to cultivate, they all shared they’re looking to create a positive environment that’s educational and relaxed.  

When asked why they joined Method’s rebuild, Brain shared:

Method has always been an organisation I’ve admired and respected. They’ve been around for a long time and have built a legacy for themselves. It is truly great to become a part of the Method family, especially with the rebuild bringing attention to their new vision and core values. I’m excited to be part of the org and the future it represents.

Before you cheer on Method NA, here’s a bit more about our newest team:

As soon as Brain stepped into the arena in World of Warcraft, he knew that would be the main focus for him from that point onwards. Eager to always improve, Brain found himself playing at the top of the ladder and meeting like-minded players along the way. He was approached by Ceralium and Drake to compete together for the 2020 North American Arena World Championship Spring Season. The season’s underdogs proved themselves to be formidable contenders, winning the North American Spring Finals and claiming the title as the North American Battle for Azeroth Champions.

Ceralium has been very passionate about competing and improving as a player since he started playing WoW PvP in late Mists of Pandaria. Achieving his first rank one in mid-legion and starting to compete in tournaments in late legion as well. Ceralium first started to gain success in tournaments in mid to late BFA when he began playing with Drake the Windwalker monk. Eventually, they teamed up with Brain to form a strong roster that ended up doing very well in the BFA 2020 season.

When Drake was first introduced to Arenas in 2018 by his brother, he knew he found his passion. While he's only been competing for a short time, he’s ready to win more and excited to bring the Method Community along on this journey.

Prev is very proud to have won the past two AWC cups and hopes to share new insights with the community as there aren't that many high-rated moonkins streaming Arena and competing in the AWC.  While Prev started playing Arena in season 12 Mists of Pandaria as a Holy Paladin, he now mains as a Balance Druid.

Be sure to check out their streams and follow their AWC progress this weekend!

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