Warcraft Rumble Beginner Guide

Warcraft Rumble Beginner Guide

Written by Warshack - 3rd November 2023

So, you just downloaded Warcraft Rumble and have no idea what you’re doing…Great, because I didn’t either when I first started! To ease your way in, this guide will serve as a basis to begin progressing the game, focusing on mechanics, as well as guidance on where to earn and how to spend your resources.

Getting Started: Leaders and Leveling

To start, Warcraft Rumble provides you with a choice of three intro leaders. I recommend checking out our Best Starter Leader Guide for an in-depth look at each. However, some stand out picks are Rend Blackhand, Baron Rivendare, Grommash Hellscream, Carine Bloodhoof, and Tirion Fordring.

Your early level campaign zones are Elwynn Forest, The Barrens, Thousand Needles, and many other zones that will be familiar to fans of the Warcraft universe. Progressing through these zones are going to be your priority. You should be able to obtain some decent quantities of gold and get an idea of how the game will play out. As you make your way through the campaign the zones will get more challenging and reward more. You can check to see the level of each boss in the zones by looking to the bottom left of their picture. Based on their color, this should tell you the relative difficulty of each stage.

Warcraft Rumble Color Difficulty Scale:

  • Grey: You’re much higher than the recommended level. This stage should be very easy.
  • Green: You’re slightly over the recommended level. This stage should be relatively easy.
  • Yellow: This is around your level. This stage should be slightly difficult.
  • Orange: You’re slightly lower than the recommended level. This stage should be pretty difficult.
  • Red: You’re much lower than the recommended level. It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible to complete.

Keep in mind some bosses are just tough in general, regardless of color! If you’re really stumped, I have guides on every zone and every boss on my channel called WarshackPlays.

Color Difficulty Display


Gold is one of the currencies you’ll acquire and it’s VERY important because it’s how you will unlock new leaders, minis and talents. The game may tempt you to trade in your hard-earned gold for extra experience for your minis. I highly recommend you do NOT do this. Experience can be easily earned by doing literally any of the game’s content at any time. Gold, however, cannot. Unless you plan on purchasing gold with real life money it’s a precious resource and should not be wasted on an extra boost of experience. Though the thought of quickly leveling your Minis up may sound enticing, you will also quickly run out of gold and have none to purchase new and exciting Leaders, Minis and new talents on the G.R.I.D..

Arclight Surge Events

Arclight Surge Event

The absolute most efficient and easiest way to obtain more gold in the game is during the Arclight Surge events, which occur every Wednesday and Saturday at midnight. Each event lasts three days, so you should have plenty of time to complete these before the next one occurs. While the event is occurring, there will be 2 random zones surging with blue lighting. These zones will provide you with 40 gold each, or 60 gold each if you have purchased the permanent Gold and experience account boost. These surges can be completed extremely quickly. I highly recommend making sure you do these each and every window they are available.

Zone Progression Rewards

Zone Progression Gold Rewards

The next best way to generate easy gold is by progressing through the zones, which give decent gold rewards, but will sharply raise in difficulty as your progress.


PvP also has some gold rewards, but I highly recommend staying away from PvP until you have a good feel for the game and your Minis are level 12 or higher.

The G.R.I.D In-game Shop

The G.R.I.D In-game Shop

The G.R.I.D serves as your in-game shop, which refreshes with new Leaders, Minis and Talents. The refresh rate on the shop is quite long, but the game does give you a decent amount of “BIG RED BUTTONS” presses, which allows you to freely and quickly refresh the shop to display something more desirable...but overall, it's still random. This is where you will spend all of your gold and how you will increase your Collection Level.

Collection Level

Think of your Collection Level as your total progress through Warcraft Rumble. As you collect New Leaders and Minis, you will obtain a higher Collection Level. Increasing your Collection Level is, in my opinion, the most important factor to focus on when you begin your progressing through Warcraft Rumble. Each time you gain a Collection Level, the experience rewards you obtain from that point out for your Leaders and Minis are increased.

As a hypothetical example, if at Collection Level 1, an experience reward would yield 100 XP, at Collection Level 2 it may yield something like 105 XP or more. This extra boost of experience for unlocking and increasing the rarity of your minis will be critical to how fast they will level up long term. This is exactly why buying experience with gold to level up your minis is much less effective than focusing on increasing your Collection Level with gold. The overall experience as a result of focusing on your Collection Level will vastly outweigh how much experience you can buy with gold.



Dungeons are the last topic to cover in this Warcraft Rumble Beginner’s Guide. Dungeons are unlocked upon collecting 30 Sigils, which you will obtain through completing the campaign zones.

These dungeons are free to enter and have three different bosses you must defeat in order to conquer it. What makes these a MUST-DO is the fact that upon completion of a full dungeon run you are offered an Armory upgrade. These upgrades are permanent +1 level boosts to whatever Leader you completed the Dungeon with and provide a +1 level to whichever mini slot you select. These boosts go as high as +3.

You can imagine having a team full of +3 level to every mini is very useful and extremely powerful. However, each time you complete a dungeon run with a Leader, the next attempt becomes higher level and therefore more difficult to complete. So, balancing your progress between completing campaign zones and dungeons are the key to success. I have a full video covering all of this information in my Ultimate Beginner Guide: Tips & Tricks Warcraft Rumble Video.

I hope this introduction guide to Warcraft Rumble helps you understand and navigate the game better, have fun in Azeroth!