Warcraft Rumble: A Comprehensive Overview

Warcraft Rumble: A Comprehensive Overview

Written by DorkyDad - 4th November 2023

Currently there are 5 Game Modes in Warcraft Rumble:

  • Campaigns
  • PvP
  • Quests
  • Arclight Surge
  • Dungeons

Soon, a 6th Game mode will be released to tackle with your guild, Raids.


The game will start you off in the Normal Campaign. This is an exclusively PvE mode that has 15 zones and 75 unique stages with bosses to tackle that culminates in (spoiler ahead!) a faceoff against Onyxia. Note that Onyxia is meant to be a long time goal that you circle back to long after clearing the initial zones.

Once you collect 50 Sigils (earned through clearing Normal Campaign stages) you will unlock the Heroic Campaign. This is a repeat of all the zones of the Normal Campaign but at higher difficulties with interesting modifiers, to either the boss or environments of each stage.

Campaigns are a great source of Gold to get your roster fully unlocked. The Normal Campaign will give gold that is shown as the reward, and the Heroic Campaign will always give gold once you complete a stage with all 5 Families.


Rumble operates a matchmaking system that leads to you and your opponent facing off in real time. The PvP mode operates on Seasons. Every 2 weeks the Map, Towers, or Modifier are changed to spice things up! Seasons should last ~6 weeks. Winning PvP battles is one way to contribute to your dailies.

PvP is the only mode that can currently be grinded endlessly. It also has milestone rewards for reaching certain PvP rankings. All milestone rewards below 9000 honor are one time only rewards, everything past 9000 honor resets every season! Currently there are no end of season rewards.

It is important to know that your Mini levels are normalized down to level 1 for all PvP ranks below 3000 Honor which is Bronze Spark 3 and below. After which your Mini levels are divided by 3, but always rounded up. Mini level differences in PvP are felt much more than PvE content so make sure to understand the level breakpoints well!

Your Minis Level Outside PvP Your Minis Level Inside Pvp
1-3 1
4-6 2
7-9 3
10-12 4
13-15 5
16-18 6
19-21 7
22-24 8
25-27 9
28-30 10


Questing is a mode used to grind out experience for a Mini of your choice. Completing Quests is also a way to contribute to your dailies. Uncommon (Green) Quests expire in 30 minutes and are rerolled into a new, possibly Rare or Epic Quest. Rare and Epic quests also expire but have an extended period to make sure players don’t miss their window.

There is a limit to Questing though most people will never hit it. Players receive a daily allowance of 20 Quests which carry over to the next day if not completed. The total number of available Quests is capped at 300. Questing appears to be a less efficient way to grind Experience than PvP unless you aren’t winning many PvP encounters.

Arclight Surge 

Arclight Surges are events that happen every Thursday and Sunday. This will transform 2 zones into having special modifiers for you to play around. One zone will allow you to use your own Leader and Army while having a battle modifier turn on. The other zone will craft a special Army for you that combines Families but no battle modifier.

Arclight Surges are the best way within Rumble to generate gold. Players can earn 200 gold for every Arclight surge, or 300 gold if they have purchased the booster from the store for real money. Arclight Surges contribute to dailies as well!


Dungeons are a Game Mode that sets a certain Family against a 3 map gauntlet. During this gauntlet you will be able to choose 1 of 3 Relics before every stage to power up your Army. Families are not assigned particular Dungeons though so you can have different options on when you want to push your Leaders Army.

The reward for clearing a Dungeon is a PERMANENT upgrade to the Leaders Army. This will grant +1 level to a slot in your Army assuming you position the correct Trait in that slot.

The top 3 traits are predetermined, but the bottom 3 are chosen by you when you complete the Dungeon multiple times. This is not a permanent decision and can be rerolled at a later date if you are unhappy with the trait you chose, or as the meta shifts. This however will cost you some of your gold! The cost to reroll is static at 50g.

When you complete a Dungeon the difficulty of future Dungeons for the Leader used will increase! All the enemies in Dungeons for that Leader will be increase by +1 level. As you get your Army leveled up more expect the Dungeons to become more difficult not just by enemy level but also enemy composition and relic choices!

Once you fully level your Army you will still be able to do Dungeons! The reward for completing a Dungeon with a maxed Army is gold.

Dungeons also contribute to dailies.


Sigils are achievement points earned when clearing PvE stages in each zone.

Clearing a stage of the Regular Campaign awards 1 Sigil, as does clearing a stage with all Families in the Heroic Campaign. The Heroic Campaign is unlocked after collecting 50 Sigils from the regular Campaign.

Sigils are needed to unlock zones, but that is really just to guide players into appropriate leveled content until they understand the game structure. The real value of Sigils is the rewards earned for collecting certain amounts.

Important Sigil benchmarks are:

Sigils Rewards / Unlock
2 First Leader
4 G.R.I.D
8 PvP
10 Guilds
14 Quests
20 Talents
22 Archlight Surge
30 Dungeons
50 Heroic Campaign
150 Legendary Core

Besides these tiers, hitting certain Sigil amounts will also unlock limited real money offers that players may find of interest.

Collection Level 

Each account has a Collection Level that you progress by unlocking Minis and increasing their Rarity. This Collection Level affects your Experience gained from New Unit Preloaded, Quests, Tomes, and Boosts. To increase your Collection Level you will need to collect 5 new Minis, upgrade the Rarity of 5 Minis, or a mixture of the 2. 

This will be very important for the Experience growth of your characters, but there is a downside. Your G.R.I.D will become cluttered with Talents of Minis you may have only upgraded in service to Collection Level. It is still a hotly contested debate whether rushing Collection Level by upgrading a large number of Minis, or focusing on developing a small number of Minis is the smarter build path. One thing is certain, it is better to unlock ALL minis before worrying about Uncommon upgrades for any Mini not regularly used.

Mini Progression

Mini's currently have 2 systems that strengthen them in both PvE and PvP, Levels and Talents.


The Level of your Minis is determined by their Experience, Leader Army Upgrades, Rarity, and Talents. The current maximum level for Minis is 30 which can be broken down into:

Experience 20 Levels
Army Upgrades 3 Levels
Rarity 4 Levels
Talents  3 Levels
Maximum Levels 30


Experience is gained through Tomes, Quests,  Battles (win or lose), Gold Offers, and Free Claims. 


Tomes are books that contain Experience for Minis multiple times. You are given the option to apply the Experience to one of two Minis.

Tomes can be earned in multiple ways including:

  • PvP Ranked Rewards
  • Heroic Campaign
  • Dailies
  • Gold Offers
  • Money Offers


Quests are repeatable PvE battles that reward experience to your minis and contribute to your dailies. There are 3 different ‘qualities’ of quests, Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), and Epic (Purple). 

  1. Green is a minimal experience gain along with 1 box towards your dailies 
  2. Blue is a decent experience gain along with 2 boxes towards your dailies
  3. Purple is a large experience gain along with 3 boxes towards your dailies

There is a maximum of 20 available quests per day which roll over into future days if not completed. The maximum accumulation is 300 quests.


Any battle in Warcraft Rumble will gain you Experience for the Mini that you used in said battle. Extra Experience is earned for winning. PvP Battles give the most Win Bonus Experience.

Gold Offers 

There are 2 sections in the store where you can exchange gold for Experience, namely the G.R.I.D and Daily Offers. Buying a piece on the G.R.I.D that is adjacent to the Experience will grant that Experience to the piece you bought.

Free Claims

There is a free Experience in the Daily Offer section of the store. You can claim this Experience every 4 hours. This Experience accumulates for up to 24 hours before it starts to get reductions in growth.

The Experience needed for each level increase:

Mini Level Experience Needed
1 0
2 2
3 5
4 10
5 20
6 35
7 65
8 120
9 210
10 375
11 675
12 1,200
13 2,100
13 2,100
14 3,750
15 6,500
16 12,000
17 25,000
18 50,000
19 100,000
20 200,000

Leader Army Upgrades 

Each Leader has its own Army. You can upgrade a Leader’s Army via the Dungeon system. Every time you clear a dungeon you are given the ability to upgrade 1 slot in that Leader’s Army.

For every upgrade to a slot the Mini’s level is increased by 1 in all modes, up to a maximum of 3 levels. The upgrade level is shown with bronze (+1 Level), silver (+2 Levels) and gold (+3 Levels). However you must have equipped the proper trait into that slot to benefit from the upgrades! Please refer to the Dungeon Guide below for more details!


Each Mini has an individual Rarity associated with it. You can increase the Rarity of a mini by collecting additional stars for that Mini via gold, or offers. You will then need to upgrade those minis using the Stars purchased via gold or offers, Arc Energy gathered by defeating Dungeons, and Cores of different levels earned by Dailies or completing Heroic Campaign zones.  

There are 4 tiers in the Rarity system Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. For each increase in Rarity your Mini is granted +1 Level.

Rarity Stars Needed Total Level Increase
Base Unlock 0 0
Uncommon 3 1
Rare 10 2
Epic 25 3
Legendary 25 4

For each Rarity increase you are able to purchase an additional talent for that Mini (for 250g).


Every Mini has 3 Talents available to it which are unlocked via the Rarity System as explained above. Talents are purchased via gold in the G.R.I.D. They cost 250g and are distinguished from Star upgrades via a Box in front of the Mini. For each Talent a Mini has unlocked, it receives +1 level.

Besides granting levels Talents also add mechanical combat modifiers to your Minis. You can only have 1 Talent equipped per Mini regardless of how many Talents you have unlocked! Talents for a Mini will only show in the G.R.I.D if the Mini has an available slot through their Rarity system. Not all Talents are equal in value so be careful which one you unlock first as you will be stuck with that talent until you increase the Rarity of that Mini.


Guilds are groups of players that join together to play Rumble as a team! Guilds are limited to 15 members and it will be important to make sure you surround yourself with other players who have a similar mindset to you when it comes to approaching this game. 

Currently there is not much to do with your Guild but that will change when Raids are released.

As of now the main draw of being in an active Guild are the War Chests. War Chests grant Tomes and Items earned at certain milestones. The items can be Minis, resources and even Leader upgrades!

War Chests are earned through members of the guild participating in two acts:

  1. Completing Arclight Surges using each Family. A Leader represents the Family.  (Ie. Jaina represents the Alliance) Arclight Surges Unlock at 22 Sigils.
  2. Earning PvP Honor. Your highest ranked Leader in each Family earns points at every 200 Honor. PvP is unlocked at 8 Sigils.

In this case Tirion is contributing to the Alliance War Chests but Jaina Is not.