Gfinity Elite is Underway: Day 1 is SF5!

Gfinity Elite is Underway: Day 1 is SF5!

The Gfinity Elite series has begun! All the preparation and practice has lead to this and all the Method teams are there and ready to go. With 9 weeks and 3 games to play in, the season will be a long fight, but it'll all be worth it to see these great teams battle it out. It all started today with Street Fighter 5 on the menu, where Packz, Oldmangrump and Luffy had the honor of taking to the stage in the very first match of the Gfinity Elite Series, and inaugurated the competition. But first, let's take a warm-up lap and check out last week's video of all the teams arriving in London:

Today our Street Fighters headed to the stage to get things done in this first of many Bo5s, where each match saw the players go head to head in a Bo3 rounds. Method's very first opponent in the series was Epsilon eSports, and the match didn't start out very well at all.

Street Fighter Method vs Epsilon

We'll chock up the first two matches to general tournament warm up as Epsilon quickly went up 2-0, but when it came time for Luffy to keep Method in the game, he not only held the line and took match 3, but went on to even things up and win the next match as well, tying it up at 2-2.

As usual there's plenty of tension and plenty of content with Method, so it was no surprise we went all the way to match 5 to determine the winners of this first face-off in the Gfinity Elite Series. And so it was down to team captain Packz to redeem himself after that loss at the very beginning of the series. And redeem himself he did, and then some, as he took his opponent out in style and then showed off some of that swagger live  as well!

All in all it was a pretty hectic day, but we've started in the best possible way - with a victory! It's going to be a long road ahead, but with determined players like these that can snag victory from the jaws of defeat, it seems to be a very promising road indeed.

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