Gekz joins Method

Gekz joins Method

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest Method stream team member, Gekz!

Gekz has been streaming on and off through his entire World of Warcraft career but has been streaming professionally since December of last year.

Gekz has been playing WoW at a high level since Mists of Pandaria, earning a reputation as one of the best healing priests in North America. Being a high level priest, Gekz had the opportunity to compete in multiple online tournaments during Battle for Azeroth and qualified for a spot in the circuit with his teammates Dillypoo and Syfox.

When asked why he wanted to join Method, Gekz said:

“Method has always been a very high level organization within the World of Warcraft community and I know the members of Method have a lot to offer to the game and its community.”

Gekz hopes to teach other learn more about the game and better hone their skills. You can catch Gekz streaming at and follow him at @Gekzs.

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