Empyrian joins Method

Empyrian joins Method

Method’s Path of Exile stream team continues to grow! Empyrian is here to bring his chill stream atmosphere, gamebreaking builds and strats - both group play and solo - to your screens with some tips and tricks for new players sprinkled in-between!

A full-time streamer and content creator for the last six years, Empyrian recently passed 100K Twitch followers and 50K YouTube subscribers this year. When streaming Path of Exile, Empyrian loves to go for meme records like getting 4+ million life force in a single Harvest plant, spawning and killing an Awakener (Sirus) 8 in 15 minutes and 37 seconds, or having 600+ million armour on a character standing in hideout - it keeps things interesting!

After Empyrian broke out in the Diablo 3 scene in 2015, he transitioned to PoE in late 2016 where he now focuses on group play for the first couple of weeks of each league to give his community a look at the game from a group-minmax perspective. Then, he’ll spend about a month in solo play where he’ll over-gear one or two characters for all sorts of endgame content and league specific currency farming projects. When he’s not streaming PoE, you might catch him playing random variety games, or revisiting old titles such as Diablo 2 or Warcraft 3.

When asked why he joined Method, Empyrian shared:

I love redemption stories. While I've never been in an organisation before, joining Method gives me the chance to be part of the great rebuild that Sco and the entire Method team is working so hard on.

Check out his stream at twitch.tv/empyriangaming and follow him at @empyriangaming!

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