Drast joins Method

Drast joins Method

It’s time for the Method Stream team to announce a new member, the speedrunner, Drast!

Drast is a creator from Sweden who grew up playing World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. Drast has been streaming professionally for the past few years but only recently started pushing his career since covering the WoW Classic Speedrunning scene in the last eight months. Drast has been in the speedrunning community for the past eleven years, and uses his speedrunning knowledge to provide high quality, analytical, and engaging speedrun streams.

Drast not only participates in speedrunning but also takes part in showcasing other guild performances around the world. His content and analysis of Ahn'qiraji speedruns helped connect the Western speedrunning scene with the rest of the world. 

When asked why he joined Method, Drast shared:

I grew up alongside WoW, and I always watched the Race to World First as each new expansion came out… I followed the top guilds, including Method. I wanted to be part of the speedrunning scene in WoW classic and wanted to join the organization/guild that I always saw as the peak guild throughout all of my time playing WoW!

If you want to know the most optimal way to run quests or to see the best analytical content in the speedrunning scene, check our Drasts stream at twitch.tv/drast and follow his Twitter at @Drastnikov.

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