Dragonflight introduces a reagent bag slot, increased stack sizes and combined bags option

Dragonflight introduces a reagent bag slot, increased stack sizes and combined bags option

Bags, bags and more bags!

Have you ever tried to loot something, only to have a red warning flash across your screen and a whisper in your ear that your “bags are FULL!!”? Or have you been happily skipping along a path full of herbs and minerals picking away when suddenly your “bags are FULL!!”?? And with tears in your eyes, it dawns on you that the only way to be able to hoard more stuff is to either sell it – or even worse, if the vendor doesn’t want that item – delete it…

There’s some good news, as the Dragonflight expansion will also be expanding our bag space as part of the Dragonflight Profession system changes and improvements, announced in a Dragonflight Profession Preview article by Blizzard.

Dragonflight expansion will introduce an extra bag slot. The new extra bag slot will only slot a new type of bag – a reagent bag, which is similar to, and follows the same rules for what can go in the reagent bank.

Dragonflight new reagent bag slot

Not only that, but the maximum stack size for most crafted and gathered items will be increased. Right now, the plan is that gathered reagents will stack to 1000 (up from 200) and most crafted consumables, such as Potions and Food, will stack up to 200 (up from 20!).

So far, we know that some of the new 36 slot reagent bags, and a new larger, 34 slot general bag (Azureweave Expedition Pack) will be crafted with the Tailoring Profession. Both of which are tradeable, and will be available on the Auction House, with the addition of a “Reagent Bag” category to the AH filters to find the new reagent bag type easily.

Dragonflight Combined Bag View

There is more great news, specifically related to the Bag UI. Today, if you are using the default in-game Bag UI, when opening all bags at once they will show as separate open bag frames.

Some players already use addons that alter this default view to show the bags and the contents combined. In the Dragonflight expansion, the combined view to show your bags (your reagent bag doesn’t combine currently) and slots as one single item will be an option that you can enable without needing an addon (currently in the controls section of the options menu).

Dragonflight UI combined bags view

The addition of a reagent bag, increase of maximum stack sizes and being able to see a combined view of the contents in your bags, should make life a whole lot easier as you explore Dragonflight for even more stuff to fill your bags with. But now, it should take much longer before hearing the message telling you your bags are full!

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