DeMusliM re-joins Method

DeMusliM re-joins Method

We're proud to have Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker back in orange-and-black on our ever-growing roster of Method creators.

DeMusliM is a household name for every StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3 fan, with multiple championships and Grandmaster ranks under his belt. Starting as a professional player at age 15, DeMusliM has since translated his inhuman APM into an incredible and loyal Twitch following, hitting 100K followers this year. But his "Devil Terran" persona still haunts players today, and his voice is a familiar one to every fan of competitive SC2.

DeMusliM re-joining Method is a look into our past and our future. Warcraft 3 was Method Sco's first competitive game before World of Warcraft, once in a matchup, DeMusliM even bested Sco. One of the best players in the game, DeMusliM is an irrefutable icon of RTS games, and we're thrilled to both support his channel and expand Method's community back into this genre.

DeMusliM's tenacity has inspired so many, and we’re honored to have him join us in Method's next chapter.

When asked why he was excited to rejoin Method, DeMuslim said:

Sco told me he didn't want Method to end the way it did. I've always thought highly of Sco in particular, and I'd love to help bring Method back to where I believe it can be.

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