Cruelladk joins Method

Cruelladk joins Method

Method has crossed the Chunnel to the EU mainland and is thrilled to announce our newest creator: French WoW streamer CruellaDK! 

Cruella started playing WoW when she was young, and not long after, learned she had a true knack for competition. Over the course of her streaming career, she’s cemented herself as a fixture of the French competitive scene, hitting multiple 1sts in her home country and top 15 globally. Cruella currently plays with the guild Impact and is excited for the upcoming Castle Nathria race!

Cruella is equal parts serious (as a raid team member) and lighthearted (for casual streams). Since she began streaming regularly in 2018, she’s steadily grown a community that thrives off her cheerfulness, commitment to improving her craft, and dedication to helping others hone their own. And, in the short few months since she began streaming full time, Cruella’s grown her Twitch channel by ~10K followers and ~1M views, and become a household name throughout the French WoW community.

High-level performance during raids (and outside of it) is what drew Cruella to Method, and Cruella’s passion for giving back to her community is what made her shine in Method’s eyes. 

Being part of a high-end raiding guild, I’ve always cheered for Method during the Race to World First, and having seen all Method has done for the game and the community, I couldn’t be more excited to join them after their rebuild. - CruellaDK

Throughout my time at Method, I’ve been fortunate to meet so many incredible streamers around the world. I first heard of CruellaDK and her interest in joining Method from friends. Method is from the community and for the community, and so is Cruella. She’s a great fit for Method because she has a passionate community herself, creates countless opportunities for them, and is always looking for ways to give back. We’re excited to bring on Cruella as Method’s second creator after our rebuild, and support her philanthropic efforts. - MethodSco

 Check out Cruella’s stream at and follow her @cruelladk on Twitter!

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